Our Vision and Mission

C3’s vision is the improved health of patients through robust assessment of interventions for skin conditions. Our mission is to develop, disseminate and implement Core Outcome Sets (COS) for clinical trials and routine care through the engagement of patients, clinical experts, methodologists, industry partners, and other stakeholders.

Clinical trials for diseases of the skin are proceeding at a rapid pace, and we are witnessing the development of a number of new treatments which are safe and effective, and which reduce the impact that disease has on patients. However many trials have little consistency in the ‘what to measure’ and the ‘how to measure’ aspects of trial protocols. Moreover, measurements in trials often have little input from stakeholders, including patients. Some measures used in trials have insufficient validation, which makes the results difficult to interpret. Finally, use of different measurements approaches restricts our ability to compare efficacy across trials.

C3 seeks to address these issues through establishing COS for skin diseases that support the development of new therapies. A COS is a standardized minimum set of domains and outcome measurement instruments that should be deployed across every interventional trial for a disease state, with the goal of ensuring robust comprehensive measurement and allowing for comparisons of efficacy.

In order to achieve these goals, C3 brings together clinical experts, patients, methodologists, industry partners, and other stakeholders in the scientific process. A fundamental doctrine for our work is that disease measures and outcomes must be patient-centered, and in fact, must have direct input from patients.