Disease State: Hand eczema

Upcoming Consensus Meeting
Core domains for therapeutic hand eczema trials

September 3-4, 2024
Dresden, Germany
Adjacent to the Congress of the European Society of Contact Dermatitis (ESCD)

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Hand eczema is a complex, multifactorial and impairing skin disease. With a one-year prevalence of nearly 10%, hand eczema is common in the general population. Moreover, occupational hand eczema is one of the most common occupational diseases and it makes up 40% of all occupational diseases in industrialized nations causing substantial psychological and economic burden for affected individuals and society. Considerable research efforts are therefore undertaken to develop and evaluate interventions aimed at preventing the development, recurrence or worsening of hand eczema, or to ease its burden. Hand eczema trials measure a variety of outcome domains to determine the success of interventions. This considerably limits the comparability and overall confidence in the study results, and thereby the strength of recommendations for clinical practice. To help overcome these problems and enhance the efficiency of hand eczema research, the Hand Eczema Core Outcome Set (HECOS) initiative was formed.

Project Goal

HECOS aims to develop one COS for controlled clinical and randomized-controlled hand eczema therapeutic trials, and one COS for controlled clinical randomized-controlled hand eczema prevention trials. To date, a “Long List” of candidate domains and sub-domains has been developed and the consensus process towards a core domain set is underway.

Project Leads

Christian Apfelbacher
Christian Apfelbacher
Andrea Bauer
Andrea Bauer

Key Project Team Members

Henriette Rönsch
Henriette Rönsch

C3 Methods Partner

Jan Kottner
Jan Kottner

Executive Committee


Henriette Rönsch (henriette.roensch@tu-dresden.de)



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Updated on May 18, 2022